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Tuition: $2,000

Medium: Zoom

Instructor: Teddy The Tax Man (Please Google him to view some of his appearances on the various news programs)
Date: Saturdays only, starting January 9th 2021, and ending January 30th 2021

The next session starts on Saturday April 24th, same format

Date: Saturdays only, starting January 9th 2021, and ending January 30th 2021
Time: 12:00 Noon – 2:00 PM Eastern Time

Objectives: Attendees will learn how to generate revenues from small-businesses, even before the corporate tax return is prepared. Additionally, attendees will obtain the materials to assist them in helping potential owners choose the structure (C corporation, LLC, etc.) that suits their situations best.

Prerequisites: It is STRONGLY advised that potential attendees have some tax preparation experience, whether individual or business. Also, this is a good refresher course for those who don’t prepare the 1120 on a regular basis, or those who are returning to corporate tax return preparation.

Needed: A computer, 2019 tax software, a note-taking medium, whether pen and paper or an electronic device

Logic: If you haven’t noticed, more and more taxpayers are purchasing the home-based tax software programs and are doing it themselves. If it weren’t for bank products such as instant loans, quick refunds etc., many tax professionals would be out of business. The small-business owner though, still needs a competent tax professional in order to limit that business owner’s exposure to the federal and state authorities.

Other information: Classes will be kept small and intimate, to enhance learning.